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Star Fish

Photography Craig Fraser
Writing Daisy Jones
Recipes Daisy Jones
Design & Production Libby Doyle
Size 225 x 270 mmSoft coverISBN 978-0-992216-95-5
Categories cookery journalism sustainability


Go ahead. Feel smug. With Star Fish in your hands, there will no longer be anything fishy about the seafood meals you produce. In fact, the lip-smackingly good recipes in this book use only the top ten most sustainable fish off the SASSI (SA Sustainable Seafood Initiative) green list.

In this surprisingly funny, surprisingly fascinating read, author Daisy Jones takes you on an epic road trip to meet the farmers, conservationists, fishermen and scientists who will protect the top ten in the years to come. You’ll visit a vloeking oyster farmer in a wasteland on the West Coast and a high-heeled SASSI scientist.

You’ll meet an abundantly bearded kabeljou farmer in Paternoster, a third-generation treknetter in Fish Hoek and an Irish-accented aquaculturist in East London. Daisy has conducted hours of interviews on boats, rafts and onfarms to find out why her top ten are not in danger of overfishing and why catching them does no damage to the environment.

The chapters on each fish, and the paintings and illustrations that accompany them, will secure the top ten in your memory – a phenomenon sure to come in handy when you shop or dine out sans SASSI checklist.

The recipes at the end of each chapter, gorgeously photographed by Craig Fraser, tempt those of us in the habit of opting for white linefish and prawns to try something meatier (yellowtail), oilier (sardines) or slurpier (mussels). A chart at the end of the book provides green alternatives to orange- and red-listed fish – both local and overseas varieties.

There’s a word on SASSI, a word on the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and a word on the state of our oceans. It’s an adventure, switching to green fish. And it’s the right thing to do.

About the Author

Daisy Jones is a journalist and home cook who has written extensively on the subjects of food, décor, politics and travel. Her career as a journalist began in Johannesburg, where she covered the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and wrote for Business Day. As a features writer, she has contributed to numerous publications and reviewed restaurants for DINE Magazine and Rossouw’s Restaurant Guide. She has a Fine Arts degree and lived in Delhi for a time, where her passion for food truly ignited. Daisy lives with her husband and two children in Kalk Bay, in sight of the harbour, which served as excellent inspiration for her recently published cookbook Star Fish – winner of both the Sunday Times and 702 Jenny Crwys-Williams Cook Book of the Year 2014 awards.

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