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The Life and Love of the Sea

Writing Lewis Blackwell
Size 305 x 305mmPages 216
Hard CoverISBN 978-1-928209-25-6
Categories adventure books photographic pictorial sustainability travel


“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.”

The latest in the bestselling ‘Life and Love of’ series by Lewis Blackwell. Since time immemorial, humans have been captivated by water. No wonder: it’s the most omnipresent substance on Earth and without it life itself would be impossible. From the plankton that provide more than half of our planet’s oxygen to the blue whale, life in the ocean greatly affects life on land and plays a crucial role in regulating our climate and atmosphere. Combining images from world’s leading marine and nature photographers, and the latest in underwater photography techniques, the bestselling author of The Life & Love of Trees and Rainforest, Lewis Blackwell, explores our innate relationship with the sea – from when our ancestors first emerged from the primordial soup to the sophisticated marine farming industry of today – and why our future depends on preserving and protecting our planet’s single biggest ecosystem.

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  • Perfect for lovers of the sea, environmentalists and photographers or as a gift.


About the Author

Lewis Blackwell has worked as a leading author, editor, and creative director in photography, winning international recognition for his talks, exhibitions, and books. Blackwell is the author of the bestselling The Life & Love of Trees, The Life & Love of Cats, The Life & Love of Dogs, and Rainforest. He was for many years the creative head of Getty Images, the world’s largest photographic agency, and prior to that was editor in chief and publisher of Creative Review magazine. He now combines his work in the photographic industry with pro bono work in environmental areas.

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