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Café Food at Home

Photography Craig Fraser
Writing Evan Faull, Sue Wildish
Recipes Evan Faull
Design & Production Libby Doyle
Size 265 x 220 mmPages 172
Soft coverISBN 978-0-9869813-3-3
Categories cookery


‘Café food at home is all about real, unfussy, make-at-home, delicious food.’ Evan devises a store cupboard of vibrant basics and builds classic café dishes around them. Creating straightforward, do-able and delicious meals that look and taste amazing. He also takes the mystery out of artisan baking with a practical, no-frills guide to the bread baking process. Designed for the novice baker, but with wow results!”

About the Author

Although Evan Faull, founder and co-owner of Knead Bakery, comes from a family of foodies, he didn’t set out to be a chef or a baker. But at 19, during a gap year in London, he found himself applying for a job at a Notting Hill brasserie. “From the first day on the job, I was captivated,” he says. “And cooking has been my passion ever since.” Evan spent the next five years cooking his way around the world. When he returned to South Africa his father Tim, a master baker, challenged Evan to give a couple of his newly developed artisan breads a try. Evan was immediately hooked and says baking quickly became an obsession, both for him and for the rest of his family. The popular Knead bakery franchise has provided Evan with an outlet to express this passion every day, a passion he also promotes through his cookbook Café Food at Home. He is now looking forward to the next 10 years of learning and experiencing everything the food industry has to offer.

More About The Author

Sue left South Africa in 1985 and landed a job in the music business in the UK. She spent the next 20 years travelling the world with musicians. Apart from being great fun, it meant that she got to eat out all the time, enjoying the privilege of experiencing different countries and diverse cultures through an unbelievably wide range of cuisine. “As I moved up in the music business,” Sue says, “I ate in some of the world’s top restaurants. But my heart has always been in the simple kitchen, with good friends. So when I came back to South Africa and was offered an opportunity to invest in an artisan bakery and café, I jumped at it. Knead is my kind of place and I’m proud to be a part of it. I love what they do and I can’t wait to see what happens next.” Sue is co-author of Café Food at Home.

More About The Author


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