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Cook. Better.

Photography Craig Fraser
Writing Nikki Werner, Brandon de Kock
Recipes Nikki Werner, Brandon de Kock
Design & Production Libby Doyle
Size 197 x 255 mmPages 300
Hard coverISBN 978-0-992216-94-8
Categories cookery reference


This is not a cookbook. It’s a book about cooking. Think of it as cooking between the lines. Or what your mother should have told you.

Yes, there are recipes, but this book is about the journey, not the destination, so taking centre stage are the hows and whys behind everyday ingredients and techniques – when to use coarse or finely ground salt, best pairings for common garden herbs, extracting and building flavour, champion chopping techniques, foolproof fillet, spud’s lore, jackets and all …

Whereas lessons on technique are found mostly in hefty culinary bibles, this user-friendly book is for everyone who’s anywhere along the cookery continuum. It is the ‘ta-da’ moment for those who have been cooking, duty bound, for years, but didn’t show up for basics training.

About the Author

It’s hard to introduce Nikki Werner without also mentioning Brandon de Kock – her partner and co-author of Cook. Better. The couple has been cooking, eating and travelling together for 14 years. Through their work they’ve met a lot of chefs, eaten at a lot of restaurants, done a lot of research and made a lot of notes. In essence, they’re aggregators of good and useful information. What it means is that while most cookbooks are about the author, this cookbook of theirs is really about the person doing the cooking. That said, Nikki studied journalism and has compiled the food pages for titles such as Elle Decoration and Marie Claire, in addition to stints as food editor for Fair Lady and Women’s Health magazine. She currently works as a food researcher, writer and consultant.

More About The Author

Along with his partner and co-author Nikki Werner, Brandon had 14 years of shared culinary adventures to draw upon in the compiling of their cookbook Cook.Better.

Brandon’s career includes marketing, public speaking, publishing and global travel – all held together by a pen and a camera. His freelance work has been widely published, he was editor of Compleat Golfer magazine and creative director for Ramsay Media. He was also a member of the curatorial panel for Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 and is now director of storytelling for WhyFive – an insight-driven research company.

More About The Author


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