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Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children

Photography Craig Fraser
Writing Kath Megaw
Recipes Phillippa Cheifitz, Daisy Jones, Jane-Anne Hobbs
Design & Production Libby Doyle
Size 205 x 265mmSoft CoverISBN 978-0-992216-99-3
Categories books cookery health nutrition reference



‘Love is the most important ingredient. I’m confident I have the knowledge, experience and compassion to revolutionise your family’s eating habits for the better, for ever.’ – Kath Megaw

In Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children, Kath Megaw offers a research grounded yet easy-to-grasp guide on what to feed children at the different stages of their development. A long-term advocate of low-carb eating, her mission is to convert parents and children away from the processed, nutrient-poor foods that surround them in everyday life and to win them over to ‘real’, natural food. Marrying practicality with warmth, science with common sense and the experience of a healthcare professional with the intuition of a mother, Kath’s approach to how children should eat extends beyond the body-centred focus of nutrition.‘When meals incorporate taste experiences, social interaction and emotional connections, along with high nutritional impact, the result is altogether healthier, happier, children.’

• sustained energy • reduced sugar cravings • improved concentration • increased health and vitality • enhanced athletic performance • longer, deeper sleep • improved digestion • strategies for fussy eaters • reaching and maintaining healthy body weight

About the Author

Kath Megaw has been in child nutrition for 20 years. She is South Africa’s leading paediatric dietician and holds four medical qualifications including a paediatric dietetic qualification from the prestigious John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. She has been published in the Epilepsia journal on the use of the paediatric ketogenic diet in third-world settings and frequently speaks to groups of both professionals and parents on infant and childhood nutrition. For over a decade Kath has advocated a high fat, low carb diet for all children, not just those with medical problems.

Kath believes it is in no way dangerous for children to stop eating sugar and “white foods”. It is her professional opinion that this is the best route for all families to go. However, Kath is wise enough to know that a strictly restrictive diet is neither practical nor advisable for children. She recommends a move to healthy, natural food shared in a loving family environment. It’s not about what’s “allowed”, it’s about what’s healthy.

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