Avroy Shlain

Avroy Shlain

From 21 years in working with major international companies, creating work for over 100 000 people, to flying for The Bateleurs as chairman of the environmental organisation, Avroy Shlain is truly an extraordinary entrepreneur with a zest for life.

His enthusiasm and natural aptitude for entrepreneurship has affected and touched thousands of people across the globe. After retiring in year 2000, Avroy became involved with COBB, a multiple award-winning patented cooking system, which inherently sparked his interest in cooking. Since then, COBB has fans in more than 50 countries around the world, and he believes the versatile system is something everyone should own.

Today, Avroy pursues his interest in cooking with the COBB, continues with his innate zest for life and carries on flying at the age of 82!


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