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Cobb, Anywhere but the Kitchen


This book will start you on a lifelong journey. A journey of delicious meals.

The COBB was created to take you places. Let it take you on a cooking adventure! With over 40 000 Cobb owners in South Africa today this book is sure to sell well. The versatile, portable COBB cooker was born in rural Africa. From these humble roots, it has become a global superstar. A highlight in its short life was being named one of the best inventions of the year by Time magazine in 2001.

  • Over 40 000 cobb owners in South Africa today
  •  Loads of tips to get the best results
  • Classic practical recipes • Marketing to an already devoted and active social media audience as well as webinars and print
  • You don’t need a cobb to cook these delicious recipes

SIZE 210mm x 270mm • PAGES 156 • HARD COVER • ISBN 978-1-928429-38-8

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Cobb, anywhere but the kitchen.

About the Author

The COBB Cooker is freedom. It is not just a roasting oven, barbecue grill or frying stove. It is all of those, but so much more. It is a portable cooking system that liberates you from the kitchen and gives you the freedom to prepare any dish just about anywhere outdoors – from a suburban garden to a campsite somewhere in the wilderness.

South African food editor Anke Roux has crafted and curated 50 recipes to show just how versatile the COBB can be. Use them as a step-by-step guide to producing spectacular dishes without too much fuss, or as a trigger to inspire your own creations.



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