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Eat your words, the bookclub cookbook


Eat your words by Louise Gelderblom

There are few things that compare to an afternoon curled up with a good book. It is even better if it is followed by a great meal shared with good friends. And the cherry on the top is when, at the end of the gathering, you have a fresh stack of books next to your bed to thrill you for the coming month. But probably the greatest scenario of all is when it was you who hosted book club and everything went smoothly: you did not kill yourself during the preparations for the evening and your guests liked your books and loved your food. I hope this book will help you towards that specific state of bliss. The idea for this collection of recipes started with the premise that not all readers are necessarily confident cooks. Neither are some social people who want to invite a group of friends or family over for a catch-up or special celebration.
This book helps you prepare a great meal for your gathering with a bit of planning and without too much stress. For this reason the emphasis is on dishes that can be prepared and often completed before the guests arrive.

SIZE 220 x 230mm SOFT COVER, EXTENT 160 pgs. • ISBN 978-1-928209-90-4

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Eat your words.


Louise Gelderblom has been a member of EAT YOUR WORDS book club for the past 24 years, where great literary fiction, intimate conversation and good food rule.  She is an artist specializing in ceramics by day, but a compulsive reader and a keen home cook the rest of the time. She lives in Cape Town in a house filled with cats and poodles and has two wonderful daughters, who are now –mercifully- grown up.

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