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Allergy Sense


A passionate team: an allergy specialist,a paediatric dietician, and an occupational therapist collaborate in developing a practical way to guide you, sorting the noise from the science and helping your family thrive. It includes over 70 delicious foolproof recipes.
Using simple and inspiring ingredient combinations with minimal equipment and quick preparation times.

Many moms find themselves paralysed with confusion and fear when faced with a diagnosis of allergies for their child. Information (frequently inaccurate) abounds and may create more confusion. Protecting your child’s health and living as a family with an allergic child becomes an all-consuming focus for parents. In Allergy Sense, the authors:

  • Explain what causes allergies and how to prevent them
  • Help you to know if your child is really allergic
  • Get to the bottom of picky eating – is it allergy related or a sensory sensitivity
  • Offer a diet that may assist your child to outgrow the allergy
  • Help you to prevent picky eating
  • Help you sort the noise from the science
  • Help you to protect your child from serious reactions
  • Help your child live and thrive with allergies rather than be held hostage by fear and limitations
  • Offer healthy, easy recipes, bearing allergies in mind

SIZE 170 X 230MM • PAGES 264 • SOFT COVER • ISBN 978-1-928429-18-0

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Allergy Sense


About the Authors

A formidable team: Dr Sarah Karabus a paediatric allergologist, with a
post as consultant lecturer at the Red Cross Hospital, has been published in
several medical journals and frequently speaks at national and international
conferences. Kath Megaw holds four medical qualifications, including a
paediatric dietetic qualification from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University
in the USA, also a local and international speaker. This her fifth book . Meg
Faure is an occupational therapist specialising in fussy eating and infant care
and is passionate in assisting parents to nurture their babies, Meg is the author
of seven books, including the bestsellers Baby Sense and Weaning Sense.
She runs a clinical practice in Cape Town, writes for various media platforms,
is an international speaker and the founder of Baby Sense and Play Sense.

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